Getting back into the writing groove

I recently got hired for an online writing project. What I love about this new job is that I'll be writing basically about topics I love writing about which is parenting! I have had projects in the past where I easily felt burned out because I didn't know a thing about what I was asked to write. Take growth pills and hemorrhoid creams, for example. Thank goodness, my contract with that project is done!

So I hope you'll understand that I wasn't able to blog in the past few days because I'm still getting into the writing groove. I've been editing articles for almost two years and I only get to write for my blog and for occasional web content assignments. It used to be that my article writing speed was 500 words per hour. Now it's 500 words for three hours!

I wish I just had to blog and the money will come. Contrary to what most people believe, I don't really earn much from blogging. What I get is enough to renew my domains and keep my sites running. I'm not even aware of web advertising terms such as cpc, cpm, and cpa marketing so it's not a surprise that I don't earn a lot hahaha!

For those waiting for my worksheets, don't fret. The next posts will be the reviewers for my boy's final exams which is starting on Monday already so watch out for that.

Until this weekend!

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  1. at least ur back again with what you're really good at. go for more parenting article! yay!!

  2. i used to be a ghost writer but it's too stressful for me so i stopped. like you, may mga topics din ako na hindi ko type pero i can't choose topic kasi, kahit ano binibigay kaya sakit sa ulo. i have no idea about SEO, sex toy or escort services, etc. :(

  3. glad to see so many posts from you again mommy :D


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