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I was one of the first batch of users to try out the Facebook Timeline. Of course, I was so excited to design my very own cover photo. I thought it would be the best place to display my business card. I also included my QR code so smartphone users can easily copy my contact details. Do you know what a QR code is? It looks like this:


Quick Response (QR) codes are like barcode images that contain texts or contact and website details. It's a big help in sharing information about a business or an individual straight to the receiver's smart phone. In my case, I have the QuickMark Android app installed that acts like a barcode scanner. With the application, I just scan the QR code using my tablet's camera and I view and save the message/text straight to my tablet's SD card.

If you have a smartphone or an Android device, I suggest you download a QR code reader app. Businesses have already started to use QR codes to share their contact details. In fact, you may be able to see some shops in the malls with their QR codes displayed on the door or shop window. You can also make your own QR code such as the one I displayed above using an online QR code generator (search Kaywa on Google).

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  1. i was truly clueless when I first saw these QRs.. now I understand!

  2. HAHAHA kala ko pangontra sa shoplifting yan. 

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