BPI/MS Insurance Roadside Assistance

Last Friday afternoon, I tweeted an SOS message as our SUV's battery died out on me. Rap was in Kumon and I needed to go to the bank so I didn't wait for him in the center. After my errands, I went back to the car and waited there. But since it's illegal to park there, I had the car's hazard lights on totally forgetting that it can discharge the car's battery.

Fortunately, the car's insurance, BPI/MS, has roadside assistance. Help was just a phone call away. After half an hour, the roadside assistance guys arrived and hooked up their battery into our SUV's. And just like that, the car's up and running again. It was really a hassle (not to mention, embarrassing) having the battery discharged like that but it would be a bigger hassle if the car insurance didn't have roadside assistance.

BPI/MS Insurance Corporation is a joint venture of the Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI) and Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance Company. We didn't actually choose BPI/MS but had to avail of its insurance policy since we loaned our car from the said bank. Friends say that their policies are more expensive than other companies but, after last Friday's incident, I don't think I should worry about the amount we're paying annually. At least, I'm assured that we're getting our money's worth plus some perks.

By the way, we're selling our Honda City 98 EXi 1.5L because it has already become impractical for us to keep two cars with the rising costs of maintenance expenses and gas prices. We're selling the car as is, where is. And if you're from outside Luzon, you'd be shouldering car transport costs the price of which I'm not really familiar with since I don't have any knowledge of car transport information. Should you be interested, just email me or leave a comment to this post so I can email back the details.

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  1. bakit bnaman kukuriputin ang insurance sa bagay na nakasalalay ang buhay mo di ba? 

  2. we are also planning to sell our car. it is officially 10 years old this March. 

  3. sakit na sa ulo pag more than 10 yrs na. :(

  4. Good post about insurance.Thanks to debate this one.
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