Old Mc Lelen is sick

My 3 year old laptop, Mc Lelen, is sick. Well, kinda. And I'm not sure what's the problem with it. It shuts down by itself!  It has already happened thrice and it often takes me by surprise.  In fact, pressing CTRL + S has already become a habit for fear of not saving my precious articles. I feel that I'll have to bring it to the laptop doctor any day now. Worse, I may need to buy a new laptop which I am not prepared to do at the moment.

I hope it's not a major problem because I use my laptop everyday for work. The problem with working freelance is that computers aren't company provided and that we freelancers buy our own tools of trade. Sigh. Just in case, let me know of deals on laptops should I really need to buy a new one. Besides, the husband is also planning to buy himself one for his personal use.

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  1. hi sis. baka navirus lang sya. my computer here also just shut down and i sent it to our IT and un nga marami virus. try mo muna pathorough scan.

  2. Yeah, I already did a thorough scan. Something might be having a conflict with my latest Windows update.

  3. Hello mommy! I experienced the same with my laptop. I think the reason why ng-shut down sya by itself is because of over-heat? Actually, what I did is - place the electric fan beside my laptop para it won't close by itself and it works naman or you can buy also the cooler pad which you can place below your laptop para d sya mg-overheat. :)

  4. my guess is your lappy got infected. mine was. lol :D and I'm shipping it to the lappy doctor today and will demand a reformat. lol :D anyway, try toshiba line sis, matibay :)

  5. tama si mommy gie, baka virus lang yan.. hihihi reformat ang sagot hihihi.. if there will be deals sa lappy feeling ko close to march kasi db? graduation so usually un ung time na nagsasale.. watch out!!

  6. musta na si lappy? naayos na ba or nagpapapalit na?


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