Happy Silk!

Yesterday, we celebrated our 12th wedding anniversary (thus the title of this post). After days of searching the Internet of what to do and where to go, we have finally settled on just buying a new microwave oven and a juice extractor. I told my husband that we won't splurge on a celebration this year as we are already scheduled for a Cebu vacation this coming March. And besides, I told him that we're only going to have big celebrations for anniversaries that happen on years either ending on 5 or 0, hahaha!

Shot by Rap using my husband's cellphone.
Gah, I didn't even bring my cam!
We first heard mass in the morning in our town's church. Guess what? After the mass, our SUV's rear bumper was scratched by the Mitsubishi Adventure parked beside us. The inept driver miscalculated while backing his vehicle out of their parking slot. Fortunately, the guard was there and they weren't able to leave while we weren't around. We got the owner's name and number and we intend to just have her shoulder the repainting expenses.

Of course, we did not let that ruin our happy day. We went on, as planned, to have early lunch at the newly opened, Lido Cocina Tsina along Ortigas Avenue Extension. The food was delicious as expected. I've always been a fan of Chinese food. Stay tuned for my post about the food here in our food blog, Our Food Trip.

After lunch, we proceeded to SM Taytay and arrived just in time for the one o' clock showing of Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows. I enjoyed the movie, although I dozed off a bit in the other parts. Blame it on SM Taytay Cinema's disappointing sound system, duh!

Then, we we strolled a little in the mall and took advantage of the post-holiday sale to buy a new luggage. We need a smaller one for my husband who's having frequent business trips lately. After that, I left the boys to have a little father-son bonding while I did the groceries.

Dinner was burgers, fries, and chicken wings at Burger Joint, a new burger hang-out here in Cainta. It was recently featured in GMA News Online so we grabbed the chance to try it out.

So that was how our silk wedding anniversary celebration went. Just like any normal Sunday (except for Beauty getting scratched) in the family. Nevertheless, I enjoyed my time with the boys, as usual. We seldom get the chance to really be with each other for one whole day because of our workloads. For that, I am very thankful and I'm praying for more years to spend with them.

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  1. happy anniversary and more to come. God bless.

  2. Another year down, many more to go! Happy Anniversary!

  3. christine b. batillerJanuary 18, 2012 at 1:06 PM

    happy anniversary to both of you. a very simple yet memorable celebration of your wedding anniversary..(thinking about Beauty getting scratched).the important thing is, you were able to spend the special day with your family.  god bless!

  4. happy anniversary!!! hihi... just spending finding time together is already an effort for working parents!! galing!!

  5. Belated Happy Anniversary sis.... sweet naman! 


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