Beat the last minute Christmas shopping stress

It just hit me yesterday that it's only less than a week till Christmas! To tell you the truth, I haven't finished my Christmas shopping list, yet! Not only did I find it hard to have time to shop, I also felt less enthusiastic to do so after Sendong hit Cagayan de Oro and Iligan City this weekend. But you know, we'll still give gifts to our loved ones even though I cut our Christmas budget in half to allow me to donate for the typhoon victims.

How do you beat last minute Christmas shopping stress? Here are some of the ways that can help:

  • Shop online for gifts. Not only do you save a trip to the mall, you might also find better and more affordable deals online. A friend living in the US saves babies r us coupons and orders items online while staying at home and taking care of her baby. How cool is that, huh?
  • For those who are working, utilize your office lunch break. This is especially true if your office is near a shopping mall. Meanwhile, due to the limited time, you'll have to make several "lunch break shopping" trips to finish your whole Christmas shopping list.
  • Shop on Christmas Eve! Ridiculous as this may sound, most shoppers are already done with their Christmas shopping come Christmas Eve. Supermarkets are more crowded during this time so it's the best time to hit the department store and other shops. By the way, watch out for last-minute discounts!

How's your Christmas shopping list so far? Are you already done wrapping the up?

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  1. Shop on Christmas eve?  Aren't most stores closed early on Christmas eve?  But interesting tip.  I'll have to try that one time.  =)

  2. make a list in-advance sa mga bibigyan ng gifts.. for the first time i only shopped 4 hours sa divi hhehehe.. and complete infairness hihihi!!

  3. I make a list of of what to buy on christmas, and who I am going to give a gift,, I just bought money enough to buy all in my list, coz whenever I intend to bring extra cash, I end up buying things which are not useful and giving it away. ;( . 

  4. I listed all the important person to give a present because I don't have a big budget for this season. So sad.. hehe..and  So to make sure that my budget will be exact to what I'm going to buy for them, it is really helpful to make a list. to be practical, wag na sa mall mamili.. but in a place naman na ok ang mabibili.. It's not about the price naman diba? at least nakaalala ka.. :)


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