Wall Candy stickers light up Rap's room

I find joy in decorating my son's room. It's in his room that I unleash my playful creative side. Remember the last time, we made a DIY stencil project in his room? This time, for the ceiling, I used Wall Candy stickers.

2011-09-12 Wall Candy Rap LR (9)

2011-09-12 Wall Candy Rap LR (3)

I found Wall Candy stickers more convenient and easy to use. The stickers have a special adhesive that's designed not to damage walls. They are also removable and reusable so you can change or transfer the stickers anytime you want. Most importantly, they are non-toxic, lead-free, and have passed the European Safety Standards so they're perfectly safe to use in kids' rooms!

Installation is as easy as A-B-C. First, I asked my handy-dandy alalay to clean the ceiling with a dry rag to remove dust and dirt.

2011-09-12 Wall Candy Rap LR (5)

Once the area has been cleaned, the alalay started to stick each decal one by one. The most effective style is sticking only one small part of the decal and then, with the rag, smoothing it little by little until the whole sticker is attached to the wall. This style guarantees no bubbles and creases.

2011-09-12 Wall Candy Rap LR (7)

I was supervising the alalay the whole time because I wanted each piece to be spread across the whole ceiling of my boy's room. The space stickers we used are glow-in-the-dark and my boy now has a fun time "stargazing" during bedtime!

2011-09-12 Wall Candy Rap LR (8)

Wall Candy stickers are available through the Wall Candy Multiply site (http://wallcandy.multiply.com). There are five collections available: Nursery and Kids, Modern, Decor, Chalkboard and Whiteboard, and Glow in the Dark. There are new unique designs every month so make sure to check the site out every now and then.

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  1. wall stickers looks uber cool. i'll keep that in mind when we start having our dream house.


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