Teaching kids management of time

In this busy world we live in, it is but essential to teach kids management of time. If I haven't taught my boy how to manage his time wisely, I'd probably spent every waking minute nagging him to hurry up and finish what's needed to be done. Probably, that's also what has motivated him to manage his time wisely, haha!

But seriously, kids are never too young to learn about management of time. When Rap was a toddler, we follow a daily routine to have him get used to a schedule. Everyday, upon waking up, he knows he should have breakfast and take a bath first before he can watch his cartoons or play on the computer. I also remind him that he only has a specific time frame for his activities. He still can't read time during those days but he knows that it's time for lunch when he has already watched his daily dose of Playhouse Disney morning programs. After lunch, he knows that he's gonna nap in a while so he can wake up after a few hours to play with his friends in the park.

Now that he's already in 5th grade,I've become more strict in having him schedule his daily activities. Just imagine, he leaves our house at 5:30 am and returns at 5:00 pm (that is, if he doesn't have extra-curricular activities). Sometimes, he has too many school work and quizzes to review for the night. He's now used to list his TO DO tasks in his task board which I set up in his room. Aside from that, he has their school diary. I also bought him post-its to help him be reminded of his activities.

You'll have lots of time for yourself once your kids learn how to manage their time, believe me. Then, you can reward yourself with a michael kors watch for a job well done.

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