LSM 1st Trimester Exam Reviewer for Grade 5 Science

LSM Grade 5 Science 1st Trim Exam SY 2011 -2012

You are free to reprint it should you find it useful as long as the watermark is left unaltered. You may click the title above this embedded document to be redirected to the Scribd page. You will then see the download/print button to your right. The contents of this reviewer should only be used for personal purposes. I would also appreciate link backs to my site.

  • Observing and inferring
  • Recognizing controlled, independent, and dependent variables in an experiment
  • Predicting by interpolation and extrapolation
  • Interpeting data through tables and graphs
  • Steps of the scientific method
  • Parts of an experiment write-up
  • Common laboratory apparatuses
  • Parts and function of the cell
  • Reproductive system: parts and functions
  • Process of fertilization
  • Bodily changes in puberty
  • Proper care of the reproductive system
  • Respiratory system: parts and function

The worksheets I am posting were either used by my son or the students I tutor. As such, the course guides that were used in making these reviewers were only the ones issued by their respective schools.

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  1. Your website is such an unexpected heaven-sent one to a mom who got a Grade IV son.  We just transferred to a new school and have difficulty coping with the tedious studyload and exams.  I printed all materials/reviewers you have for Grade IV and used it to review my son. I feel we're progressing already....Thanks so much!


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