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My husband and I often receive compliments for having such an obedient child. Yes, we are lucky that he is. But most of our friends and family think that it's because of me being overly strict towards our boy. Well, I admit, I was a bit strict when Rap was still younger and more naughty.

I am strict when it comes to school work. I was my son's first teacher and I homeschooled him for a year before we sent him to a big school. There's always a reward for a job well done and a consequence for not following the rules. He has gotten used to this system. So far, he has acquired the gadgets he wished for because he always worked hard for high grades.

I am also strict when it comes to personal hygiene. He's used to bathing and brushing his teeth before I bug him in his sleep. I have also trained him to wash his face because he's already starting to have acne.

Did I spank? Yes, there has been a couple of spanking episodes when Rap was younger. I can't remember the instances that led me to spank him except for the time that he lied to me about finishing his food when he actually threw it in the trash bin. He's as naughty as any toddler can be but I haven't gone to the point of scaring him with band saw blades. Oh no, that would be traumatic for any kid.

So, am I a strict mommy? Could be. You be the judge. As far as I know, we are reaping the rewards of instilling discipline in our child during his early years. I may be a strict but I'm a loving and cool mom at the same time.

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