HSBC's Piso Deals

HSBC has an awesome promo for its cardholders. The bank has tied up with AV Surfer and they're now offering LCD televisions at 0% installment plan. The best part of it is that cardholders can get a second LCD television for only one peso! The husband is so excited to check this out this weekend!

Just click the image for a larger view.
I'm still kinda hesitant to avail of this promo, though. We don't need a new TV. Our old one is still working fine and it's alright with me even if it doesn't have an LCD screen. But I guess, it's a guy thing. Next thing you know, he'll be bugging me to scout for hd tv antennas. Well, I don't know. I'll just decide when we're already in the store.

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  1. ma'm i think you better check this I also almost fell for this :)

  2. I did not avail of the piso deals, thank goodness! I first went around to scout for prices. I ended up buying a Sony Bravia 32" LCD internet tv with free Skype cam and home theater system for 32k, also at 0% interest for a year. :) I figured that it's not really discounted and that the buyer is actually paying for the 2nd TV.


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