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I'm sure you've seen them on Facebook and all over the Internet. These groupon sites are taking the country by storm. I think I subscribed to almost all of them but I have only tried buying vouchers thrice. I'm happy with my purchases so far and I'm sure my boys are all the more happier.

The first voucher I bought was from I took advantage of the YSA Skin Care Intense Diamond Peel with Facial deal that was offered way back in September last year. Each voucher was priced at Php 312 which was a real steal from the services actual value (Php 1,560). I bought 4 vouchers - one for me and the other three I gave to my husband, my mom, and my mom-in-law. It was a first time for all of us. Thankfully, the Robinsons Metro East branch where we went to was not crowded and their service was good. I was advised to have a diamond peel at least once a month.

A month after, I found myself buying vouchers from Cash Cash Pinoy. Their Terra Wellness Spa deal was worth it considering the location (Discovery Suites) and the services that were offered. For only Php 1700, I and my husband enjoyed a full body massage plus body scrub at the luxurious Terra Wellness Spa in Discovery Suites.

couple massage room

My latest voucher purchase was again from Cash Cash Pinoy. I bought 3 entrance tickets to Ace Water Spa for only Php 299 each. My boy was so happy with the purchase. In fact, he's excited to visit Ace Water Spa already. We haven't used the vouchers yet but we're planning to use them as soon as school is over.

I am in constant search for good deals from my suking groupon sites. I get notified through my email and through Facebook. Not only do I save a lot from buying from these groupon sites, I also get to use the money I keep in Paypal. This is why my husband is also happy because I don't get to spend money from our monthly budget, haha!

I hope I get a good deal soon. I'll be writing about them, don't you worry!

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  1. Hi Sis! I'm also subscribing to most of them!haha :-P sadly since I'm not Manila based, I haven't found a compelling purchase to make it work it to go to Manila. Happy Shopping! ;-P

    Best Regards!


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