How to deal with stained bathroom tiles

Once, a mommy-friend asked us about her problem with her bathroom's stained tiles. She said that no matter how they clean the tiles, the stains still remain.

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Some bathroom stains are just so stubborn that we still need to use additional products aside from the commercially available bathroom cleaner that we already use. Here are some to choose from:

  • White vinegar mixed with equal part of water and brushed directly on the stain.
  • Paste made with baking powder and a little water brushed directly on the stain.
  • Hydrogen peroxide or chlorine bleach applied directly on the stain. However, these should never be used on colored tiles.

I strongly advise not to use muriatic acid as it can be fatal even when only inhaled. When all else fails and if budget permits, just have your tiles replaced. You can even opt to have glass mosaic tiles installed to give your bathroom a new look.

Do you have more tile cleaning tips to share? Please do share them by commenting to this post! :)

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  1. i put zonrox on a pail of water and wet the tiles, basically all over the bathroom. i leave it for around 30 minutes then scrub it and voila, sparkling clean bathroom. the smell though is irritating so i usually use face mask while cleaning the bathroom :D


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