Live with a happy heart

I was supposed to write this post last Valentine's day but I was so busy that I'm writing this a week after.

I once read that a healthy heart is a happy heart and vice versa. In my quest to be healthy, I have also found ways to see life in a more positive view. No amount of riches in the world can compare to a life that is lived with unconditional happiness and content.

Having a happy heart makes you beautiful inside and out. It's the best anti wrinkle cream ever. There will be no sleepless nights because your conscience is clear and you have nothing to hide from the world. There'll be no room for a frown because your happy heart will throw all your troubles away. There be no fear of the unknown because your happy heart knows that the Lord will always be watching and guiding you every step of the way.

Life is short and we should be living it to the fullest no matter how many the hurdles are along the way. Actually, this is my mantra and the reason behind my personal/diabetes blog, Living A Sugar Free Sweet Life. Live each day with a happy heart and spread happy vibes to everyone!

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