The 24-Hour Mommy: Three Days Till Christmas Break


Three Days Till Christmas Break

7:16 PM

Working-at-home means no Christmas break. However, I also get to kinda enjoy my boy's Christmas break because that would mean me not waking up at 5 in the morning to prepare his bath and breakfast. It also means that I can save money from not giving him his allowance, haha! Do I look like the one who's more excited of Christmas break?

Yeah, I think so. But my boy's excited too. He can't wait to keep his textbooks inside his bag and forget about studying his lessons for two weeks. He's also getting enthusiastic about working on his comic book drawings this coming Christmas break. Maybe I will just ask him to study for his Kulturang Pinoy Quiz Wiz for an hour every day.

How are you spending the Christmas break this year? Are you as excited as I am?

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