Preparing for Retirement

Last Friday, I received a text message from my mother that she was in the E.R. again with my dad who has once again suffered from a mild heart attack. Although I have prepared myself for text messages and phone calls like this, I still got scared of two things: my father's life and my savings. Unlike my mom, my dad doesn't have a monthly pension because he resigned from his work long before his retirement. Every time he gets confined in the hospital, my siblings and I shell out money to finance his bills.
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I am lucky that I have siblings whom I can count on in helping me take care of our parents' needs. I worry about the future when it's me who's going to need medical help. Being a freelancer, I won't enjoy retirement benefits that my husband will get come his retirement age. I don't want to burden my boy with raising money for my medical expenses especially since he wants to become a missionary priest. I don't to fully rely on my husband's pension, too.

So I told my husband the other day that I'm planning to raise money to buy myself a retirement plan. It's never to early to save up for the retirement years, don't you think? I checked out quotes in and found some good deals. I just hope that insurance providers here in the Philippines have the same affordable yet comprehensive pension plan packages.

How about you? How are you preparing for your retirement years?

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