Free Online Learning Games – Important Factors to Consider

Free online learning games can be found all over the World Wide Web, but not all of them will benefit your child’s learning. Some of them will not provide your kid with the necessary challenges they need to stimulate there creative thinking or the problem solving skills they require in order to improve cognitive development, which is necessary for learning many skills including reading.

What can you do to make sure that the free online learning games you find are worth while educational tools and not just mindless amusement for your child?

It is in your best interest to investigate the game. Find out who designed it and then learn what other parents, children and even teachers have to say about it. Moreover, discover what type of skills the game requires and promotes in a child, such as working memory, visualization, memorization, comprehension, repetition, attention, focus, verbal rehearsal, etc. Remember, a good educational game should have testimonials and even studies to back it up. Otherwise, there really is no proof of its effectiveness.

Also, find out if the game is age appropriate for your child. Remember, while you want to provide your kid with a challenge, if it’s too hard they will become frustrated and will not want to learn, but if it is too easy they won’t improve their skill. Hence, it’s best to stick with free online learning games that are designed with more than one difficulty level to encourage constant improvement.

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