Christmas Shopping Tips From A Non-Shopaholic

I honestly hate crowded shopping centers. Actually, I only go to a few shopping sales in a year and that's only during Christmas time. I hate the traffic and the long lines at the check-out counter, the fitting room, and even the ladies room! Gah!
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But now's inevitable. It's officially 30 days to go before Christmas and I haven't started on our Christmas list yet. Here are the things that I do to help me keep sane in this busy shopping season:

  • I don't shop on weekends. Obviously, there are more people during the weekends so there'll be a lot more fussy people and tired sales people and cashiers. It stresses me a lot and I often fall into a hypoglycemic episode.
  • I head to the shopping center early in the morning. It's more of like I'll be the one to open the shop, haha! And the salesladies thank me for being the buena mano (first) customer because I rarely make tawad.
  • I keep a list and I check it twice. Having a list makes me finish my shopping task before the crowds come in. I also take note of the places where I need to go. For example, I write the names of the shops where I will buy men's clothing and apparel.
  • I shop with my tummy full. I can be cranky, impatient, and impulsive when I'm hungry.
  • I don't bring kids when I shop. Sometimes, I don't even bring my husband with me. It's better to shop with another woman in tow. Men and kids are impatient when it comes to shopping.

How about you? How do you survive this crazy shopping season?

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  1. It's really terrible to shop during Christmas season. Thank goodness there's online shopping nowadays.

  2. I love shopping! But I hate the crowd too, so I seldom shop during sales, but thank God for online shopping! :D


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