How Safe Is Your Home?

Aside from being the perfect time for shopping, the Christmas season nowadays becomes known to be the season when robbery becomes frequent. Last week, a laptop was stolen in the coffee shop where I was working while waiting for my boy. The thieves were disguised as decent men in suits and ties. I guess that's why the victim never thought that they would steal her laptop in the split second that she left her chair.

Photo: “A rusty gate with chained padlock” by Koonisutra, c/o Flickr. Some Rights Reserved

It just made me all the more paranoid of the safety of my family and our property as well. We're planning to go on a 4-day road trip to Ilocos a week before Christmas and I'm feeling worried about leaving our helper alone in the house. He's always left alone when we go on trips but I can never be too sure especially with the new faces and construction projects that are going on in our village right now. Aside from security cameras, we are also thinking of installing motion-activated alarms to catch future intruders. The village's perimeter wall behind our house is also getting to be scary. I think we should have a barbed wire installed there, too.

How safe is your home? Have you also installed security gadgets to protect it? Have you any recommendations and tips? I'd love to read about your thoughts!

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