Ariel Experts vs 100 Challenge

The cutesy mini-shirt invite said "Do YOU think you can tell the difference?" It looked like an easy task but it wasn't. It was just a wild guess and I was able to identify which of the shirts was new and which was washed 10 times with Ariel in the mini-game.

2010-10-26 Ariel Experts vs 100 (24)
I won this cool USB Spy Pen in the mini-game.

The Ariel Experts vs. 100 Challenge proves that even experts can get confused between what’s new and what’s old when it’s washed with Ariel. Hosting the event was TV host and radio DJ, Mo Twister. Meanwhile, the fabric and stain experts who accepted the challenge were Adrian Asis, Vice President for Marketing of Metropole Laundry and Dry Cleaners, Inc. and Patrick Tan. Senior Store Operations Manager of Bench.

2010-10-26 Ariel Experts vs 100 (10)
Adrian Asis, Vice President for Marketing of Metropole Laundry and Dry Cleaners, Inc. 
2010-10-26 Ariel Experts vs 100 (17)
Mo Twister with Patrick Tan, Senior Store Operations Manager of Bench. 

Media attendees composed the 100 mob participants and, as you can see, I was Mob #8. Unfortunately, I did not win for my chosen charity in the contest proper. I thought that luck was on my side because of the number 8 but the challenge was really hard! I lasted only until the 3rd question, LOL! Even the two clothing experts had a hard time figuring it out because Ariel Oxybleach has a unique oxybleach system that removes tough stains so well (even without scrubbing with a bar and brush!) that it can give clothes the care it needs to keep looking like new.

2010-10-26 Ariel Experts vs 100 (4)
My voting gadget.

“With Ariel, our focus has always been to provide the latest detergent technology to moms to give them the perfect clean that they’ve always wanted,” said Ariel Country Marketing Manager, Danish Rahman.

2010-10-26 Ariel Experts vs 100 (21)
Ariel Country Marketing Manager, Danish Rahman.

“Ariel actually has a unique oxybleach system that consists of a bleach activator which decolorizes and removes the stain in the wash, plus photo-bleach, which is activated by sunlight during drying to provide additional bleaching effects and even enzymes that care for your clothes as it prevents ‘himulmol’. Through this advanced technology that removes stains really well, Ariel is able to keep your clothes looking like new.”

The event also served as the launch of the partnership between three clothing experts -- Ariel, the dry cleaning giant Metropole and one of the country’s leading fashion retailers, Bench, who have banded together to help Filipino moms take even better care of their family’s clothes. Both Bench and Metropole agreed that Ariel Oxybleach is superior to other detergents in keeping clothes looking new.

“Being an Ariel user myself. I can say that Ariel’s oxybleach formula is indeed efficient in taking away stains. Another thing is with Ariel, you just soak your laundry without scrubbing too much – that way, your clothes will be kept looking like new,” said Patrick Tan, Senior Store Operations Manager of Bench.

Meanwhile, Metropole has actually been using Ariel since 2003, as it was evaluated (and continued to be) the best detergent to remove stains, as well as caring for apparel items.

“For the last seven years Ariel has been determined to be superior, against other detergents available in the market, in stain removal while at the same time maintaining the “like New” appearance of apparel items,” declared Adrian Asis, Vice President for Marketing.

“Most detergents were tested to work on white colored items but had the negative effect of fading colored items. Ariel was tested to be the detergent with the best balance of maintaining white colored items while also gentle enough to minimize fading on dark colored items.”

Like Bench and Metropole, I am also an avid Ariel user. I was taught to wash white clothes with bleach to make them whiter but experience has also showed me that it wears out clothes faster. Bleach in my household is just used to clean our bathroom and I don't allow my helper to use it in washing our clothes. Our clothes are soaked in a solution of dissolved Ariel for 30 minutes before it's washed in the washing machine. Ariel is effective in removing tough stains and making colored clothes appear more vibrant.

My 10-year old boy recommends Ariel, too! They performed a laundry stain experiment in his advanced Science class one time where they used all detergent brands in the market today. Ariel emerged victorious in removing stains. This made me all the more convinced in the powers of Ariel. In a few days, P&G will be launching a liquid version of Ariel that will make washing clothes easier for us mommies! I'll keep you posted on that for sure.

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