Choosing safe toys for the kiddos

It's less than three months before Christmas Eve, is your Christmas gift list ready? For sure, you will be buying toys for the kids, right? Before you do your Christmas shopping, here's a checklist of things you need to remember in buying toys as gifts for Christmas.

  1. Consider the age of the child. There are age-specific toys and you will clearly see the recommended age group written outside the box. You can help the kid avoid accidents just by giving him the right kind of toy for his age.
  2. Regardless of age, do not buy toys that have the potential of hurting a child. These include toys that have sharp parts or screws and nails that get easily detached.
  3. Go for educational toys. There are toys that are fun to play with and, at the same time, efficient in stimulating a child's mind.
  4. When you give electronic toys that have the "batteries not included" label, please make sure to buy batteries, too. Would you want to spoil a child's excitement on Christmas Eve by giving a toy that won't work because you forgot to buy alkaline batteries? (Well, if you ask me, I'm more in favor of rechargeable batteries.)

Now you're ready for Christmas toy shopping!

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