Credit Card Discipline

My husband's new credit card arrived today and I was the one who received it. It's still the same account and the card is just a replacement of the old one he's using. Unlike my husband who has just one card to his name, I have two credit cards from the same bank. I accepted the 2nd card because of the miles rewards program of the bank. Besides, I don't pay annual fees because I always ask them to be waived every year. These 3 are the only cards we maintain.

Keeping our credit score acceptable is one of our main financial goals. Part of the plan is to pay our card expenses in full every month. To be able to do that, we promised each other that we only have to charge what we can pay. That means, given the limited personal income I have, I only get to charge a maximum of 1,000 pesos per card. It takes a lot of courage to do that especially when I go to the mall and I find something I like to buy. But really, who wants to drown in rising credit card bills?

How do you manage your credit card bills? Care to share?

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