Would you recommend Fern-C?

My husband caught the cold virus a few weeks ago. The changing weather must be the culprit plus the fact that he's too stressed at work. He went to work that day feeling groggy due to post nasal drip but went hope feeling a lot more better. A kind officemate gave him a capsule of Fern-C which he took instantly. The experience changed his overall belief of the said product. Honestly, we are very much skeptical of products that are distributed through network marketing.

If Fern-C is sodium ascorbate, then why is ascorbic acid written on the box? Hmmm, just a thought...

So, from then on, the husband has been bugging me to buy him Fern-C as he has the sniffles ever so often. I did a research and found out that instead of the usual ascorbic acid content, the product contains Vitamin C in sodium ascorbate form. My husband rarely takes in Vitamin C in pills because his stomach is hyperacidic and he has had kidney stones. He seldom takes vitamins, too.

At the moment, we are taking Bewell-C because I can't find a place where I can buy Fern-C. I think I need to find a distributor who sells these capsules. Bewell-C is sold at Php 5.50 per capsule in Mercury Drug and Watsons. My husband is still looking for Fern-C because he still thinks its better.

Have you ever tried taking in Fern-C before? What are the benefits that you have experienced? Will you recommend the use of Fern-C? I'd love to read about your thoughts on this matter.

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  1. I'll look into it. I haven't heard of Fern-C.

  2. I haven't but I already tried another vit c (networking din) and it works the same.. or I think it does but what I like most about the vit c I tried is it helps a lot in cell rejuvination.

    I had a pigsa and super lalim sya, nung wala na ung mata, I applied petroleum jelly sprinkled with vit c and 2 days lang halos bumabawa na ung sugat :)

    sayang di ka nagpunta dun sa TMC, pero hindi rin naman tayo magkikita haha at mali nga ung invite ko haha

  3. Yes, mommy. Have tried this vitamin. Marami rin po nag testify that this vitamin is really vitamin. This is also the supplement my father's doctor recommended to him.

    Dun po sa neo medica, they gave it to me for 500/box, 100pc. But usually daw 550 po ito sa distributor.

  4. Hello! :-) We already finished our 4th box of Fern C. My husband takes 2 capsules daily. While my son takes one daily. I consulted it with my son's pediatrician & she recommended that we continue giving him Fern C. My son is just turning 5 years old this September, but he can drink the capsule. We started out as having to mix it in a spoon with water. From a distributor, it sells P500/box or P5/pc. But it's actually available to other health specialty stores at around P5.50/pc. :-) Hope this helps!

    Would ♥ to hear from you...please visit my site at Http://chicsassymom.blogspot.com

  5. HI!
    I'm glad it's working well for your husband. If you're interested to re-order or become a distributor of FERN-C, kindly contact 0922-597-6070 and view the Kabuhayan Swak na Swak feature on www.fern-negosyante.com

    FERN Distributors get unlimited free boxes of fern-c every month, so it's definitely worth it-especially for users like your family.

    thank you

  6. I am a mother of 2 kids and I found that Bewell-C is a lot more effective! I found an immediate effect and they also get less sick and give more freebies in mercury :)

  7. I am a mother of 2 kids and I found that Bewell-C is a lot more effective! I found an immediate effect and they also get less sick and give more freebies in mercury :)

  8. Bewell C user here over a year. Its effective.

  9. I just started taking vit c, and bewell c was recommended at the mercury drug. I hope it will suit me effectively. Im having trouble with my cough.

  10. I'm also a Bewell C user. And it's so effective.

  11. bewell c is good thab fern c i think...because i tried both of then


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