Exercise While Doing Household Chores!

So sue me! I am guilty of not going back to my gym for months now. I thought my freelance work would give me more freedom to go out and head to the gym every other day but I was wrong. It only made me stick my bum more in front of the computer. To make things work, we bought a Wii Balance Board in December last year which proved to be very helpful. Then again, I find it troublesome sometimes to plug it in especially when the boys are using the television.

It was then I remembered watching a talk show years ago which tackled burning calories while doing household chores. One of the chores I remembered to be most effective was swaying the hips while ironing the clothes. Swaying the hips also helps burn more calories while vacuuming the floors. To get the most of out of it, try moving your furniture and clean the spots where they once stood on. Arm exercises? Start cleaning your windows and walls with regular up and down or circular motions. Don't forget to alternately using both hands. And lastly, my favorite cardio workout of all especially when Rap was still a little boy, running around after a naughty tot and exchanging tickles! Laughing also burns calories, mind you!

You can still choose to buy home fitness equipments if you want to. I just think that these "household chore" workouts are more practical, inexpensive, and perfect for the multi-tasking mom. Please do share other tips to burn calories while doing household chores. I'd love to read about it!

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  1. I don't like going to the gym, I'd rather exercise at home. But what you said is true, by doing housework we get to exercise our body. I actually did a blog post about housework reducing breast cancer risk.


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