Parents, Beware of

Moms and Dads, here's one website for you to block on your child's computer. is one site where your kids can freely chat with strangers! The site's proud of that feature and they even used it as their tagline! Imagine my shock when I visited the site and saw this...

Click on the photo to take a closer look, please!

How infuriating is that, huh? What's even infuriating is that there are no age restrictions whatsoever. They even have a video chat option, duh! I can just imagine other kids without parental restrictions in their computer usage. If I were you, I'm going to head on to my internet browser's settings tab and block this site. If you're not that tech savvy, you can always ask around for a computer tech person or a geeky friend to help you out. In the meantime, just make sure that you monitor your child's computer usage.

I don't know what has gotten into 18-year old Leif K-Brooks when he launched Omegle in March 2009. Profane words aren't even filtered! I just had to abandon my pulse oximeter research work to post this warning to my fellow parents. Even with all the convenience it seems to bring, this computer age clearly gives us more things to worry about in terms of our children's security.

By the way, thanks to my dear blogger friend Imom of for the warning plurk.

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