Michelle Phan's Toothbrush Skincare Treatment

One of the YouTube channel's I regularly watch is that of Michelle Phan's. It's where I get my dose of make-up tutorials, that's why! Not only does she show make-up tutorials but she also posts videos of beauty DIYs. One of the awesome DIY videos I watched is her Toothbrush Skincare Treatment. In the video, she showed how one can exfoliate the skin by using ordinary exfoliating scrub and an electric toothbrush.

If you're wondering why I didn't post the video here, it's because it's so easy that you won't need to view it anymore. Just apply your exfoliating facial scrub just like you usually do and use the electric toothbrush to scrub your face. I hope I won't need to remind you that it's imperative to use a new toothbrush for this task! ;-p

Regularly exfoliating the skin is needed if you want to have clear facial skin. When I still had the luxury of leisure time, I often head to the facial salon to have a facial treatment every two weeks. Now, I find using the Toothbrush Skincare Treatment convenient especially on days that I can't go to the facial treatment salon. Furthermore, I find this way cheaper than buying treatment medications for blackheads just like the ones in http://www.blackheadstreatment.org. By the way, to get better results, you can opt to steam your face first to open the pores before exfoliation.

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  1. Ma try nga my skin is uber dry kasi......thanks for the info.

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