Ralph's "I Believe"

Here's the video of Rap singing his solo song in his recital concert yesterday. My goodness, he almost slipped while going down the steps of the stage. I'm so proud of how my boy handled the little accident he had on stage. The show must go on, so they say. He didn't even skip a line in his song!

After watching his performance and the way the crowd appreciated his singing, I felt all the tiredness and anxiety melt away. I won't mind having dark eye circles from the late nights I spent catching up with work just because I brought him to his rehearsals during the day. I saw the improvements in him, both in his singing and in his level of confidence and that's what matters most.

By the way, what do you think of his performance?

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  1. Uy, Mau galing ng anak mo tumayo balahibo ko. confident na confident ang bagets.

  2. Hehehe, thanks Yami! Sa akin lang minana ang boses pero ang confidence hindi.


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