Guatemalan Sink Hole Swallows 3-Storey Building!

I just saw the news about this on the Yahoo homepage today but this happened in Guatemala on May 31, 2010! The 30 meter diameter and 60 meter deep hole swallowed a 3-storey building bringing down the people inside it. A similar disaster happened in the same area way back in 2007. Guatemalans are blaming the rains brought by Tropical Storm Agatha and the poor drainage system of the city. The hole is so huge! Even roadside assistance services can't get vehicles out of there safely! My goodness, I still can't believe what I am seeing!

I remember the mining pit we visited in Mines, Sipalay City, Negros Occidental last April. The pit was almost as wide as this and is now covered with water thus making it look like a man-made lagoon. Honestly, I am scared of what will happen to the residents surrounding the former mining area. What if the land caves in and swallows the whole village in? I pray that this will not happen.

But then again, the pit is man-made and we only have us to blame. Man has abused the Earth so much that it's slowly making us taste the consequences of our actions. A sad thought, really. I hope that there's still enough time to reverse what could be reversed to make this world a better place to live in for our kids.

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