Mommy and Me Sparty: The Benefits of Touch Therapy

In November 2009, The 24-Hour Mommy was privileged to have been invited to the first Johnson's Baby Bedtime Discovery talks in Manila Peninsula. We were advised that there will be a series of more intimate meetings with other moms, bloggers and non-bloggers alike, where we can exchange ideas about sleep and other child-rearing issues. Last May 29, I was finally able to attend for the 2nd time after declining the other invites. I brought my preggy sister along with me and we both had a great time meeting fellow moms and mom bloggers. It was really an intimate mommy bonding experience for us.

The event was held in Dulcinea, Eastwood City Walk, Libis and was hosted by Ms. Caren Bayhon-Yrastorza of The meeting was very informal, much more like a get together with friends. Of course, we talked about the benefits of touch therapy to babies and bigger kids. A fellow mom shared how one her twins perform better than the other one and she thinks because this child is the one who likes to be massaged in the head. I believe that this is possible, too. When Rap was a baby, relatives would often comment on how his head looked like a cone. I got paranoid with the conehead comments that I religiously massaged his head every night with circular motions. Now, his head is not only round but he's performing excellently in school as well!

There are countless benefits of touch therapy that other moms have shared according to their experiences. This made me research about more evidences of the benefits of touch therapy. One remarkable fact that I have read is that touch therapy can become an effective eczema treatment to babies since a body massage encourages the circulation of blood within the body. Just be careful not to use oils or lotions that can make the rashes or lesions worse. Not only that, the massage will relax your baby and help alleviate the itchiness that eczema brings.

Special thanks to Johnson's Baby and Nuffnang Philippines for organizing this event for us moms.

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