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Rap's recent singing activities compelled me to replenish my make-up kit. Much to my dismay, most of the make-up in my kit needed replacing. They all expired without even being used up. When I bought new pots of foundation creams, loose powder, and blush for Rap's performance, I also bought a new set of eyeshadow for myself. This time, I promised myself that I won't waste money and let them expire again. I'm back to my ole kikay self! I now apply make-up just as I used to back when I was still working.

Methinks, I need eyelash extensions! Any recommendations?

It took a few trial days before I finally got my eyeshadow blending skills back. And I just discovered mineral make-up, hahaha! I found them more lasting and easier to apply. Plus, I read that it's healthier for the skin to use mineral make-up. I now find myself on the lookout for a mineral make-up sale! I also view make-up videos and read make-up blogs. I discovered that there's so much technique to learn and that I can really express our creative and artistic side through applying make-up. I'll be posting more of my experiments soon. Or probably, I'm gonna start another blog about that. Hmmm....

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