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It's my unico hijo's 10th birthday today. He's been wishing for a new cellphone from me and I promised him that months before. I already saved my April and May writing income for the Samsung Corby he's been dying to have. But as you know, I have to prioritize things and have to allocate money to pay for the balance for my youngest brother's tuition this summer. To make my money matters more complicated, my father was brought and confined in the hospital yesterday. Of course, I would have to share the bill with my other siblings.

Thankfully, my kind son understood the dilemma I'm in. I really planned to give him a brand new phone and I know he deserves it after using our old phones ever since. In this day and age, and in our situation, Rap needs to have a phone so he can contact us when we need to pick him up from school. Sometimes, he needs to stay in school for an extra curricular activity that the school bus driver leaves school without him and it's us who will have to pick him up. Besides, he has never lost a phone since Prep. Yes, he started to own a mobile phone since pre-school. And I'm glad that his school allows the boys to have mobile phones just as long as they don't use it during school hours.

So the solution I thought of was to look for second hand phones that are still in good condition. I looked for phones in AyosDito.ph and I got giddy and excited with the wide array of choices I found. The site is very user-friendly, too!

This is the phone that I am thinking of buying for him. The budget fits the cash I have on hand. My only problem is that the color of the handset is "PINK." Tsk..tsk.. tsk... I hope that I can still find a wifi phone in the same price range in this online classified ads site. In the meantime, I will share the news about this site to a friend who is looking for a van for sale.

Visit AyosDito.ph if you are also looking for a second hand gadget or just planning to sell some stuff. Enjoy shopping!

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  1. Sorry to here that your father is unwell, wish he is getting better now!

    That's very thoughful of your lovely boy to differ his temptation for a new cellphone.

    God bless you and please have a wonderful day ahead!


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