Enrollment time once again

On Monday, I'm going to my son's school to enroll him for the coming school year. He's going to be a fourth grader this June. Oh my, time does fly too fast. I thank God that He has given us the blessing (again) of paying only half of his tuition fee because of the academic award he received last March. Even so, half of his annual tuition costs as much as our car and housing monthly amortizations combined! And there's books, notebooks, and school supplies. Gosh, I even need to buy him new sets of uniforms this year. I cannot just imagine what other parents with two or more children go through during enrollment time.

During these times, I begin to remember how my mother taught part-time at a private university during weeknights and every Saturday just so we can enjoy the subsidized tuition fees. I really appreciate all her efforts now that I am also a parent myself. She could have sent us to public schools but she chose to send us to a university from elementary to college.

I better go back to the fat burner reviews I was writing a while ago before I started this post. I need to earn some moolah first. One more year to go before my youngest brother graduates in college. Yep, I'm sending him to college. And it has been my daily prayer that God give me more financial opportunities so that I can share the blessings to my family. Who knows, he might be able to support another relative or even my son to college in the future? God is good all the time, this I'm sure.

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