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My sweet husband recently bought a Nikon D5000 as an advanced Christmas gift to himself. But guess who's using it more often? This is one of the few advantages I enjoy in having a very busy husband. He trusted me with his new toy and even gave me the go signal to enroll in Sir Nicolay's photography class this December! I do not dare ask him why it's me who ended up using the camera more often since he might change his mind. I know when to keep my mouth shut, haha!

So, anyway, since the D5000 can shoot pictures of up to 12.1 megapixels, I had to start thinking of our photo files back-up options. What I do in the past is to only keep photos taken from New Year's Day till New Year's Eve of the year in my computer's hard drive. Then, I burn them on CDs and archive the CDs in CD cases. I am quite particular in organizing my photo files and I even follow a specific format in naming the photo folders and files (YYYY-MM-DD) for easy referencing in the future.

Now, my greatest fear is when something happens to the CDs. What if, after 5 years, the computer fails to read the CDs because of scratches and other problems. So I had to have an online back-up. Some of our older photos are stored in my Photobucket account. Just recently, I purchased a Pro account in Flickr for only 24.95 USD/year and now I can upload all our photo files for online safekeeping.

I might still buy an external hard drive, though. My internet connection can be crappy at times especially if I am mobile. A blogger friend bought a 1TB external hard drive from a store in Gilmore for Php 5000 so I guess, I better save up on that. If you know some cheap hard drives and portable USB drive deals online or offline, please let me know.

I am still in he process of uploading our 2009 photos in Flickr. What I like about it most is that I also get to see the shots of my contacts and of other Flickr users. That way, I get to pick up a photography technique or two that will help me develop my shooting skills. Do you Flickr? View some of my public photos by scrolling to the bottom of the page and clicking on one of my photo thumbnails. I'd love to see your shots, too!

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  1. Hi, Mauie! It was so nice meeting you and the other ladies yesterday. Off to read your posts now. :)



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