Business Ideas, Anyone?

My husband and I are planning to start a business come January. We'd like to invest part of our savings on a business that we can put up near our residence. First, I will get to save on transportation costs if the business is just near our home. Second, we live near Ortigas Ave. Ext. where traffic is heavy and where commuters often get off from buses, jeeps, and FX taxis.

Given those reasons, I initially thought of putting up a game rental shop ala Circuit City where kids can rent to play PS2s, PSPs, Wii, and computer games. Ours is a residential area and there are no shops of that kind yet. But then again, there's a public elementary school around 500 meters away from the spot where I am planning to open shop. That might be an issue in the future.

My Plan B is to put up a barbecue grill ala Grill Queen. Presently, there are two barbecue stands within the neighborhood but theirs are just the ones that are set up beside the road. I'd like to put up one that has a clean and sanitized grill and sell food that's is within the same price range.

Some friends are suggesting that we put up a cellphone repair shop and sell cellphone units at the same time. I'm not yet too keen on that idea. Besides, I may not have enough capital to get wholesale cell phones. Other than that, there are already shops near the place that provide the same service.

Do you have other business ideas to share? I'm planning to use around 150 to 200 thousand pesos on initial capital. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

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  1. hello, you can try the laundry pays well. capital is not that big.

  2. Wow, Wench! Why haven't I thought of that? Sige, I'll ask details of this business from you one of these days. You're the expert nga pala when it comes to business. :D


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