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This is the first time that my son's school required the boys to come in native Filipino costumes for the first day of Linggo ng Wika. This is also the first time that they did not hold a program. The boys just wore their costumes the whole day and spoke in Filipino. It's good that, somehow, they have taught the children to appreciate our culture through wearing native costumes. The only downside is that my son's Barong Tagalog looked more like a trapo when he arrived in the afternoon. Boys will be boys, no matter what you make them wear! I guess, I'm just going to buy a cheaper Barong for him to wear next year.

We are fond of dressing him up especially when he was younger. It was easy to dress him up during that time. Look at how cute he was on his first Trick or Treat. Gawd, he's gonna hate me when he sees this here, hahaha!

Click on the pic to have a larger view.

Are your kids fond of dress up days, too? Tell us more about it on Mommy Moments.

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  1. He's already full figured for the barong, kaya bagay na bagay.

  2. aba pang kongreso nga! e di umaasa tayo ngayon sa pork barrel balang araw?LOL

    Make or Break

  3. a young man in barong! one handsome boy!

  4. Bagay sa kanya yung Barong. My son only wore barong when he was baptized.

  5. Aba mukhang little Congressman nga! He's cute. Mabuti nakuhaan mo ang barong niya na malinis pa. :D

    ang cute naman ang bumblebee costume niya. :)

  6. I agree, he looks really cute in his Trick or Treat pics. Mine is up, too.

  7. I agree he looks good in all the outfits.

  8. Lovely pictures with their nice outfit


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