LSM 1st Trimester Exam Reviewer for Grade 3 MAW

This reviewer was made using Lourdes School of Mandaluyong's 1st Trimester Course Guide in Music, Arts, and Work Education for Grade 3. You are free to reprint it should you find it useful as long as the watermark is left unaltered. The contents of this reviewer should only be used for personal purposes. I would also appreciate link backs to my site. :)

  • Rhythm, Pulse, and Accent
  • Identifying Simple Meter
  • Identifying Pitches
  • Identifying Basic Shapes
  • Understanding Primary Colors

I was a Preschool and Grade School teacher by profession before I became a full-time work-at-home mom. I also run a tutorial center and I have an abundance of worksheets. However, I still need to process them and convert them to PDF to avoid plagiarism problems later on. Stay tuned for more free reviewers to come!

Answer Key Available Here!

The worksheets I am posting were either used by my son or the students in my tutorial center. As such, the course guides that were used in making these reviewers were only the ones issued by their respective schools. For worksheet requests or for sharing your kid's course guide, send me a message through mail [at] the24hourmommy [dot] com. I will try to furnish one but that will still depend on my available time and references. :)

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