Thanks, Goldilocks and Nuffnang!

When I heard that Goldilocks will be giving out laptops to Nuffnangers, I immediately wrote my post. I wrote about how Goldilocks connects me and my ailing father. I never thought I'd win although I really wanted the netbook for my son. Goldilocks and Nuffnang found my post worthy of being 2nd place! Wee!

I attended the awarding ceremonies last night with my husband and sister (who also had an entry by the way). While waiting for Dingdong Dantes to arrive since he will be awarding the laptops to the winners, we were given mini-cakes to decorate. I let my husband decorate our cake while I busied myself in reading the magazines from Summit Media that was part of our loot bag! I think my sister also enjoyed this part of the event. Her cake was so nice, too bad we were not given blue gel icing that would have made her underwater themed cake perfect. We also had the chance to take photos of our silly selves in the photo booth. Oh, and the bag of mamon! I wish my dad was there!

The awarding started after serving us a sumptuous buffet of Goldilocks food. It was my first time to eat Laing Pasta. Very creative and yummy I should say. Too bad it was dinner time and I cannot have too much carbo for dinner.

The awarding began with the announcement of the winner for the cake decorating contest. After that, four winners of consolation prizes were announced. They received Goldilocks gift certificates worth Php 2,500 each.

After that came my most awaited part, the announcement of winners who will receive the Neo netbooks. I really wanted a netbook because my laptop is quite heavy to carry around when I'm mobile.

First to be called was Menard who shared how an American customs officer in the San Francisco Airport asked for a Goldilocks pasalubong. Next was Doc Broks who wrote a touching story about how an inexpensive mamon can mean a lot to him if it is given as a gift from his underprivileged patients. Lizz Buenaventura had the cutest post that showcased her artistry and skill in computer graphic design. Oh, and her dog is cute, too! Eat your heart out, lolcats! Haha! Jonnie and his family made a very touching video of how Goldilocks became a part of their lives. Yup, they made their own commercial. It was truly a labor of love.

After the four of them were called, I kind of lost hope that I was going to win. I was busy chatting with Julie, a blogger friend and Farm Town neighbor, that we shrieked with shock and disbelief when my name was called. I got what I wished for! I almost cried when I told them about what I wrote. Papa is in the province right now. A few days before the event, I called him up and got kind of pissed off because he was having his tantrums again. We did not have a sensible conversation that day because he was just sobbing and I had to hang up. I guess, the prize reminded me of how he is right now and that I should be more patient than ever. I think I'll buy him a box of Fluffy Mamon when he comes home on the 25th!

Eat your hearts out, ladies!

The grand prize winner of the Asus F80Q laptop is Ms. Noemi Lardizabal-Dado. She wrote about Luijoe's last birthday and the Winnie, The Pooh and Tigger themed Goldilocks cake that he had. I tell you, the post really deserves the grand prize. It is a very touching piece that shows a mother's undying love for her son. Being 2nd to Ms. Noemi is such an honor, too!

I "gave" the netbook that I won to Rap so his El Abuelo (our 8-year old desktop) can be finally passed on to his cousin in Naga City. Winning this contest made everyone in my family happy! Ate Cel, my sister-in-law, and I spoke to each other a few day ago and she told me how Megan, her daughter, needs a computer. Giving our old desktop already means big savings for her family.

The prize with the post that made it happen!

I am still in a daze now from winning the contest. Let me extend my gratitude to Goldilocks and Nuffnang for this contest. I would also like to thank Pehpot of Gossip Mom for having a full round-up of the winners.


  1. Congrats. I wanted a netbook too! AM sure your family is happy.

  2. congratulations on your new laptop :) now you can blog anywhere with wifi ;) ***having a picture with dingdong dantes was a great bonus*** :)

  3. Again, CONGRATS!

    You deserve to win!


  4. congratulations!!!

  5. sana we meet din personally no, but while I was browsing my shots, I saw one na I was standing beside you.. my heels is killing me that time kaya deadma ako sa mga pipol aside fromt eh fact that I was kinda shy to socialize :)

    Congrats again! and hearing how the prize made your family so happy, I guess I could say you really deserve it :)

    you are friends with Yami din pala.. I am now following your blog,, I hope you can follow mine too

    we will be having a she bloggers meet up this Thursday..wanna join? not an official event (kaya kkb haha) it will be in Megamall, sa Dad's para eat all you can. it's mereynda time :)

    Make or Break

  6. ay naku sana makapunta ka para mas masaya and para we can bond :)

    Make or Break

  7. Congrats! You really deserve to win! :)

  8. Congratulations!

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