Mommy Moments: I Gotta Wear Shades

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Technically, these are NOT shades but 3D glasses. We were given these when we watched Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince at the new SM North EDSA IMAX. My boy is a huge fan, both of the novels and the movies. The first 12 minutes of the movie was shown in 3D. It was fun at first but I had to close my eyes after a few minutes because it made me feel nauseous. My son enjoyed the experience, though. In fact, he tried to chase the snowflakes when the trailer of the Christmas Carol movie was shown. Other than the 3D scenes, watching in the IMAX theater was just only a little out of the ordinary.

Does your kid have a cute picture in shades? Share it with us in Mommy Moments.


  1. COOL ng FAMILY!!!

    Just joined. My entry can be found at

  2. hehehe, cool! di ko naisip yan, sana pinost ko din un pics namin sa MOA IMAx! :)

    Congrats for winning sa Goldilocks, Mauie! :) You deserve it!!!

  3. Nice photo, mommy! I haven't experienced wearing those 3D glasses, would love to try one of these days, though. Here's my entry:

  4. that sounds like fun! 3d movies are indeed a treat esp for children. i've never been on one yet though but i did have a 4d experience in europa park. it was fun, with the shaking that you will really feel and you get a little sprinkling of water too, as if you felt the splash of the water. and there were snowflakes falling too, artificial nga lang.

    btw, will you join me for Tuesday Couch Potato? hope to see you next week!

  5. wow great picture and family bonding experience :)


  6. great family bonding experience! :D


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