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Today, Ralph is starting his music lessons under the 14K program of The Music School of Ryan Cayabyab in Robinson's Galleria. We decided to not enroll him in summer taekwondo classes for the meantime since there's a conflict in schedule. He can resume his taekwondo classes in June anyway.

I have always planned on sending Ralph to Ryan Cayabyab's since we first moved back to Manila from Laguna. When he was six, there was not a summer program available for kids his age. I ended up signing him up to Trumpet's Playshop instead. I was advised to wait for him to be 8 years old before I can finally enroll him. This year is THE year!

The 14K Program is a music curriculum designed by none other than Mr. C himself. It is a class for kids aged 8 to 12 years old that combines ensemble singing and dancing. It also includes basic music theory and instrumental ensemble. The program is divided into two classes. One is for the eight to ten year age bracket while the other is for the remaining pupils with ages eleven to twelve. Both classes meet for an hour from Monday to Friday. Ralph's class is scheduled at 1 to 2 pm.

Aside from the 14K Program, Ryan Cayabyab's Music School also offers Musiktheatre for teens (13-17 years old). Teens here learn not only singing and dancing but also how to act on stage. The class meets for 2 hours daily.

The two programs are classes and not individually instructed. Individual lessons on voice, piano, violin, and guitar are available the whole year round.

If you are interested in enrolling your child here, please contact The Music School of Ryan Cayabyab through telephone numbers 637-9840 or 914-5055. Their studio can be found at Park Avenue Robinson's Galleria. They also have a studio at Sunvar Plaza, Pasay Road, Makati (just behind Makati Cinema Square). Ralph's 14K Program fee only cost us Php 7,000.


  1. I have three girls aged 6,10 and 12 I want them to study voice lessons at Ryan Cayabyab this May. So, the fee cost P7,000.00 how about hte recital mandatory kaya sila? at kung mandatory how much ang recital participation expense? Thank you.


  2. Wow! How was your kid's experience with the voice lessons? :)

  3. i just came across this blog. I've always wanted to be in vocal lessons but i never had the chance because of money.My parents can't afford, and coming from a poor family, it is not even something that my parents thought about. Now, i am turning 25 and i am still daydreaming about becoming a singer. Sometimes i feel like i have the gift but most of the time i am skeptical about my singing. My inexperience and zero training is eating my confidence up. Should i enroll to cayabyab's school and have everything figured out to bring closure? or just forget about singing and focus on my present career? I also think, i am old enough to still think i can be a singer, hahaha. Sometimes when i sleep, i still dream of my self singing than being the corporate - type guy.

  4. Hi Chona!

    The recital is not mandatory but, of course, I would want my son to join the recital. Received a letter from the school today that their recital will be on the 23rd of May at Teatrino Greenhills. The recital fee is just Php 1000. That still excludes the performance attire and extra tickets that I will buy for relatives and friends.

  5. Nhil,

    He's enjoying it so far. The girls outnumbered the boys in their class so he's made friends with all the boys in his class na. And their teacher is Krina Cayabyab, the daughter of Mr. C so I'm assured that he's learning from the best. ;-)

  6. Hi JM! There is no age limit for reaching your dream, believe me! The best way to get free voice lessons is to be part of a choral group or a glee club. When I was younger, I was on a one-year scholarship at Center for Pop Music but after that my parents were not able to enroll me because it wasn't our priority financially. But I continued singing by joining our grade school and high school glee club. I was also part of the UP Manila Chorale for a year. I also busied myself in singing for our church (St. Vincent de Paul Parish in Ermita). These gave me the weekly (and sometimes daily) vocal training I needed for FREE! :)

  7. hi!! im pretty much interested sa school ni mr. c. pero may konteng problem.. hehehe until what age ba ang pwede mag enroll sa school nya...?? tnx a lot!!!! this is me... hehehe

  8. hi!! im pretty much interested sa school ni mr. c. pero may konteng problem.. hehehe until what age ba ang pwede mag enroll sa school nya...?? tnx a lot!!!! this is me... hehehe

  9. Hello, I just want to know what is the program under the musiktheatre? I am a student also of Center For Pop Music Philippines and I am at level 1, just a beginner.This summer I want to try something new that will help me to hone my talent in Singing, Dancing, Acting and Playing Pianos. And I know that the Music School of Ryan Cayabyab will help me to do that... I want to know how much will be the cost of the said program. Thank You For sharing your experience... I will wait for your Reply... ASAP... GOD BLESS...

  10. My knowledge about Musiktheatre is only based on what I saw the teens perform during their recital. It's much like my boy's 14K class except that they sang excerpts from a musical. It's basically singing + acting + dancing for theater. Hope you can drop by the Music School during your free time to inquire. My boy's not enrolled there this summer, by the way. Thanks for dropping by!


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