We Voted For Earth

It was our second night to witness the Earth Hour but it's the first time that we actually took the time to participate in the activity. Last year, I remember that I was doing my groceries in SM Supermarket when they minimized the lights in the grocery and declared that it was the Earth Hour.

This year, I made it a point to involve ourselves in switching our lights off for an hour. AT exactly 8:30 last night, we shut our lights off but left the television and the electric fan in the living room on. I lit a candle and placed it on top of the dining room table. Then, we just gathered in the living room and watched the live telecast of the Earth Hour celebration at the SM Mall of Asia. We joined the rest of the Filipinos (and the world) in celebrating the Earth Hour.

Our neighborhood was not one with us, though. Looking outside, I saw the other houses with all of their lights still on. Were they not informed? Probably, they have their own reasons. I just hoped that somehow they sacrificed switching on a light bulb or two.

This year, I got my family actively involved in this event. Next year, I pledge to encourage my neighborhood in participating in this noble cause.

How about you? How was the Earth Hour spent in your neighborhood? Feel free to see how the others celebrated Earth Hour here:


  1. We turned everything off except for a light outside and a fan. Then we slept early :D

    Yeah, it was disappointing that some didn't join like some of our neighbors. I hope this will be a regular thing not just a yearly event.

    Nice to meet you yesterday, Mauie :)

  2. Great post and a wonderful contribution!
    If you update your post with a link to my Blogger’s Earth Hour Link Love Chain post, I'll add you to the list :-)

  3. My family and I participated this year, my kids finds it fun. It's like they are inside the movie house. Anyway, I'm so glad that a lot of people esp in the blogsphere participated.


  4. It was also our first time to take part in Earth Hour. It feels great to be one with the whole world in this endeavor.

    Recent blog post: Weekend Snapshot #67

  5. Hubby and I came across your blog. :) This is a very informative site, especially for young couples. I work in the environmental/social development field so it is very refreshing to read your post about the Earth Hour. I will add you in my blogroll. Have fun and God bless! P.s. Please send me the email of your Mom-in-law. We might consider Caritas (saw your blog on that, too!). :)

  6. Thanks for your visit and for the link love, Mei!


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