Sama Ka?

I've been working hard lately. Jun's on a vacation and I'm left with the housework and accompaying Rap to and from school. At night, I feel so tired that we hit the sack as early as 8:30.

Last night I was kind of relaxed. I read a few pages of the bestselling book I'm now reading, "The Memorykeeper's Daughter". Daddyjun already in bed, Rap was still busy with his sticker album. As soon as I got sleepy, I told Rap to prepare for bed and keep his things which he did in a flash. He was scared of being the one left to turn the lights off.

Lights out. I settled in bed. It seemed that Rap had trouble adjusting his sight to the darkness. Here's how this funny scene went:
RAP: My, saan ka?

ME: Dito pa sa Earth. Don't worry, bukas pa ako pupunta ng Mars.

RAP: Mommy naman e!

ME: (flashing an impish smile in the dark, thinking Rap was annoyed)

RAP: Exam ko pa hanggang 28 eh, 29 ka na lang punta ng Mars para sama ako!
Daddyjun and I suddenly burst out laughing. Manang-mana sa kakulitan ko ang anak ko, no?

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