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Like most parents, sending our children to study abroad is one of our dreams. But aside from the cost, what held us back is the fear of our child forgetting the values that we have instilled in him since he was young. Another concern of mine is his religious life. As most readers know, my husband is a Catholic lay preacher and Ralph grew up serving in the Media Ministry with me. Somehow, I know that our weekly religious activities influenced him to be the fine young adult he is right now.  If I had known about Union Catholic High School when he was younger, I think we would have considered it as one of our options.

Union Catholic High School (or Union Catholic, for short) is a Catholic private school in New Jersey U.S.A. and it recently held a 2-day roadshow here in the country to invite Filipino families to explore the programs offered in their institution. The roadshow entitled "Beyond Boundaries" was first held last June 18, 2024 at the U.P. Town Center in Quezon City and at the Mind Museum, BGC, a day after.I attended the one at the Mind Museum and was able to have a glimpse of the student life of Union Catholic international students. The school was founded in 1962 and is known for “its rigorous academic programs, faith-based values, and commitment to fostering a diverse and inclusive learning environment.” 

Dr. James Reagan, Assistant Principal of Union Catholic High School

“There are many reasons for you to want to come to Union Catholic,” says Dr. James Reagan, Assistant Principal of Union Catholic High School, who was part of the three-person delegation behind the roadshow.  “We have a wonderful community where all members of our community are respected. We have a diverse student body, dedicated faculty, and dynamic, first-rate facility, but the bottom line is here at Union Catholic, we love one another and want to see each member of our school community succeed.” 

Reasons to Choose Union Catholic High School

Union Catholic offers a rigorous academic program that prepares students for top colleges and universities. Highly qualified and dedicated teachers create a stimulating learning environment that fosters critical thinking, creativity, and problem-solving skills. 

Filipino families will especially appreciate the school's commitment to:
  • A Strong Values-Based Foundation: Union Catholic integrates important values into its curriculum and daily life, fostering a sense of service, compassion, and respect for others.
  • Diverse Course Offerings: Beyond a core curriculum, Union Catholic offers a wide range of Advanced Placement (AP) courses, electives, and specialized programs in Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math (STEAM).
  • Vibrant Extracurricular Activities: Students can explore their interests and develop leadership skills through a variety of clubs, organizations, and athletic teams.
  • Supportive Community: Union Catholic fosters a welcoming and inclusive environment where students feel supported by their peers, teachers, and counselors.
From the stories of its teachers and students, I sensed a very strong sense of community at Union Catholic. This is a plus for parents of international students who do not totally have relatives or friends in the US. Even the smartest student would lose focus in academics if there is no strong support system in school. 

Students with Union Catholic Principal, Sister Percylee Hart.

Exploring Union Catholic for Filipino Families

Union Catholic is committed to providing a seamless transition for Filipino students. The school offers resources such as:
  • ESL Support: For students who are still developing their English language skills, Union Catholic offers English as a Second Language (ESL) support services.
  • Cultural Clubs and Organizations: Filipino students can connect with their heritage and build friendships through cultural clubs and organizations. 
  • Multilingual Staff: Union Catholic has staff members who are familiar with Filipino culture and can assist families with the admissions process.

During the “Beyond Boundaries” roadshow, Dr. Jennifer Dixon, Director of School Counseling, also shared about their “homestay” program for international students. Under the program, each student is “matched” with a host family. This helps ensure that they feel “at home” even if they are far from their loved ones. 

Dr. Jennifer Dixon, Director of School Counseling

Elito Tanyag, a religion teacher at Union Catholic who was also at the roadshow, had actually hosted several international students. As a Filipino himself, he expressed his hope that he would one day host Filipino students under the school’s “homestay” program. 

Elito Tanyag, a Filipino religion teacher at Union Catholic

He also assured the Filipino parents present at the roadshow that, as the school’s Filipino Club Moderator, he makes sure that the students are in touch with their culture but encouraged to be independent at the same time. “It’s like having a Filipino Tito at school,” he joked. 

A World of Possibilities Awaits

It was evident at the roadshow that Union Catholic High School truly believes in nurturing the potential of every student, no matter where they come from. By choosing Union Catholic, Filipino families are opening a world of possibilities for their children. With a strong academic foundation, a supportive community, and a commitment to cultural diversity, Union Catholic is poised to help students achieve their dreams and truly go beyond boundaries.

Interested families are encouraged to visit their official website and check their page for International Admissions. Details about their short-term programs for international students can also be found on their website. They also have a page dedicated to Scholarship Opportunities.

About Union Catholic High School

Union Catholic High School is a co-educational college preparatory school located in New Jersey, USA. Rooted in strong values, the school provides a challenging academic program, a wide range of extracurricular activities, and a supportive community that prepares students for success in college and beyond.

For more information about Union Catholic High School, you may visit their official website. You may also follow them on Facebook @UnionCatholic and Instagram @unioncatholichighschool 

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