How You Can Use Spring for Educating the Kids

Like all seasons, you can use spring for educating the kids about all kinds of things that come with it. And because it's a great time to get outside, the children will love taking part in all kinds of different activities, whether it rains or not. Here are some ideas for expanding little minds.

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The Early Signs of Spring

Spring is known for being a time when the world comes alive. And you can show the kids how to spot the early signs of spring from animals, plants, and bug life. You can also use this opportunity to introduce kids to evolution (more information) when some animals begin to emerge based on their colors and traits. You can find some areas teeming with life that the kids will love. This includes ponds with frogspawn, bees pollinating, and of course, bird's nests.

Use Spring for Educating the Kids About Climate

The climate is changing, and kids need to know about it. No one is suggesting you show them a four-hour PBS documentary. Because that just wouldn't work anyway. But you can get them asking questions and curious about the climate and how it is changing by getting them outside. You can try to have them understand the human connection. But also the ways in which climate naturally changes, such as pole shifting. The point is to open up the dialogue and curiosity.

How Light Creates Rainbows

Is there anything more peaceful than a rainbow? They are one of nature's greatest spectacles. Yet there is a lot of science behind these displays. And spring, because of the showers and increased sunlight, is the best time to see them. So, wonder aside, you can use spring to explain to the kids how rainbows are actually caused by light. As in, white light from the sun is broken up into its component colors when it reflects back into a raindrop at 42 degrees.

Essential Gardening Skills

Learning to garden has many benefits, and spring is the ideal time to get out and get your hands dirty. The benefits of gardening are well-documented, such as better overall well-being. But there is also a practical side to gardening. Some of the benefits for children include:

  • Being with nature is proven to reduce anxiety in children with emotional issues.
  • The increased activity contributes to the physical development of motor functions.
  • Knowing where their food comes from helps kids make better food choices.
  • Being outside around intense light and sounds helps with sensory development.
  • There's plenty of fun to be had in groups with the kids or as parent bonding time.

These are a few of the excellent benefits of gardening for kids. However, some of the benefits go much further than this. A child can develop excellent skills that will last a lifetime when gardening. These include self-sufficiency and, from there, learning to cook what they have.

The Natural Act of Birth

If there's one amazing thing about spring, it's animal babies! Spring lambs, baby chicks, and even new arrivals at your local zoo come in the springtime. And the kids love this just as much as we do. Yet as fun and cute as all the arrivals are, you can use this time to explain birth to children. If you can't bring yourself to do this, local zoos almost always offer classes and live birthing events for their new arrivals each year. This makes for an excellent school class trip.

Use Spring for Educating the Kids About Crafting

Something many people love to do in spring is put on their crafting gloves. The change in the weather brings a change in attitude. And you might be happier to get crafty with the kids. And fortunately, spring itself offers tons of inspiration for doing homemade projects. Loofah chicks, rainbow cork painting, and coffee filter butterflies are just three examples. You can encourage the kids to include all the colors of spring and use them in mathematical ways as nature does.

The Water Cycle

In some places, like the UK and various parts of the United States, the weather is very unpredictable in spring. This makes spring a great time to explain the water cycle because there is sure to be plenty of it. Storms, lighting, and bouts of the intense sun make for uncertain times. But you can also use these to explain how the weather, such as wind and rain, is actually made. For example, how the sun absorbs sea moisture to form clouds, which are then released. 


There are many ways you can use spring for educating the kids. The season itself provides many golden opportunities. These include looking out for the early signs of spring. But also teaching the kids essential gardening skills and natural things like weather, birth, and climate.

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