What are the Best Cities to Move to in Virginia?

If you are planning a move to Virginia, there is a lot to think about, including the new city you want to call home. The state of Virginia has so many fantastic opportunities for choosing your favorite city. From being near the heart of the nation’s capital to living at the beach, there are some exceptional choices to consider when planning your move.

West Virginia USA downtown skyline on the river at dusk.
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As you plan your move, carefully consider the benefits of each city you are considering, including cost of living, job opportunities, and lifestyle. The following are the best cities to move to in Virginia:


Arlington, Virginia is well-known as being right across the Potomac River from Washington DC. If you are looking for a job with the federal government, Arlington is the Virginia city for you. Arlington is home to the Pentagon, Arlington National Cemetery, and Reagan National Airport. Arlington is also the future home of Amazon HQ2, Amazon’s second headquarters.

If you are looking for a large city near the nation’s capital, Arlington is the city for you. If you are planning your move to Arlington, be sure to keep an eye on Arlington real estate so you can find the perfect house or condo for you in the best neighborhood. This is a busy city right at the heart of our country and would be an amazing choice for anyone looking for some excitement and hustle.

Virginia Beach

Virginia Beach oceanfront and three mile boardwalk at night.
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Virginia Beach is also a large city, but with the vibe of a much smaller city. A resort city on the Atlantic Ocean and at the mouth of the Chesapeake Bay, Virginia Beach would be a great option for anyone who wants to live on the beach. Virginia Beach boasts miles upon miles of beach and all the benefits that come with being a tourist city, including amazing dining and shopping options.

If you are looking to relocate to a beach city with all of the bonuses of being in a tourist area, Virginia Beach is the Virginia city for you. Virginia Beach is also home to a variety of attractions, including museums, aquariums, and historical sites, making this a wonderful choice for a home.


Richmond is the capital of the state and located in Central Virginia. The city has an economy driven by law, finance, and government, so if you are seeking employment in any of those sectors, Richmond is a quality option for you.

Richmond also has some great restaurants, art galleries, and museums. It has some exceptional parks, and a relatively reasonable cost of living, which certainly appeals to anyone looking to move to Virginia.

Making a move to a new state is always a challenge, but narrowing down which city you want to move to can greatly help with the transition. Arlington, Virginia Beach, and Richmond all offer amazing benefits in different parts of the state. You just need to identify your needs and wants in a new city and choose accordingly.

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