Keeping Baby's Skin Fresh and Clean with Uni-Love Baby Wipes Summer Edition

Summer means ice cream and playtime for kids but "lagkit" and "pawis" for moms. Don't you agree? However, I know you also can't resist your little one's requests so you still buy him ice cream and let him play out in the sun. I'm sure of it because I was like that with my son and I'm still as "marupok" with my nephews and nieces. So when they ask for ice cream, I buy some for them! But I also have Uni-Care's Uni-Love Baby Wipes with me for cleaning them up right after.

Uni-Care, one of the trusted brands in child hygiene and cleanliness, in on Shopee's Brand Spotlight this March 24. Grab this chance to buy Uni-Care products with exciting discounts or in exclusive bundle deals. 

Check-out these Uni-Care Uni-Love bestsellers

Uni-Love Baby Wipes Summer Edition
Suitable for hands, face and body and for nappy area, UniLove Baby Wipes Summer Editionis natural, mild and provides effective cleansing for your baby's delicate skin and also helps prevents rashes.

UniLove Baby Wipes Summer Edition is available in Boy ( or Girl ( versions.

Uni-Love Chubby Baby Wipes (Sumo)
Thicker in size and quality but still 100% safe for baby's delicate skin as it's free from harsh substances like parabens and alcohol. (Get it from Shopee:

Uni-Love Purecotton Dry Wipes
Made with 100% cotton, this all-natural product is biodegradable and is suitable for runny noses or wiping sweat. (Get it from Shopee:

Uni-Love Hand Soap
Uni-Love Hand Soap guarantees a fun and unique way to train your kids to in washin their hands. It contains Amino Acid which neutralizes harmful substances while maintaining the skin's moisture. (Get it from Shopee:

Uni-Love Baby Bath
Uni-Love Baby Bath's special formula is suited for baby's delicate and sensitive skin. It''s also gentle to the hair and eyes. (Get it from Shopee:

It's time to upgrade your child's hygiene routine with Uni-Care only at Shopee's Brand Spotlight! Visit the Uni-Care Official Shopee Store to know more about their high-quality, yet affordable, hygienic products not only for babies but also for the whole family.

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