Del Monte-Vinamilk puts the NEW in Nutrition

We all want our kids to grow strong and healthy especially now that we have a global coronavirus outbreak. But a strong and healthy body is only achieved when their tender bodies are able to receive good nutrition.  It's not always easy to feed kids, especially when there are a lot of distractions come meal time. There's also the problem of picky eating. .If you're also in this stage, mommy, know that you're not alone. I was also in that stage years ago. And what truly helped me during that stage were healthy drinks and snacks that supplemented my son's nutritional needs.

Del Monte - Vinamilk Partnership

Here's some good news for you! Del Monte, one of the country's most trusted brands, and Vinamilk, the most valuable brand in Vietnam and one of Asia’s largest dairy companies, just announced their partnership and the result is a line of healthy dairy products for the whole family.

Speaking at the joint venture announcement event held online last August, Mdm. Mai Kieu Lien—Chairperson of Del Monte-Vinamilk and CEO of Vinamilk—shared, “We highly appreciate Del Monte’s supportiveness and cooperativeness during the past time and hope that we will together develop a successful joint venture in the Philippines for mutual benefits. Vinamilk is confident that we can provide Filipino consumers, through this joint venture, with healthy dairy products, giving them more choice in nutritional products that meet international standard.”

Also at this event, Mr. Luis Alejandro, President of Del Monte-Vinamilk and COO of Del Monte Philippines, Inc., added, “The Del Monte- Vinamilk joint venture is a union of market leaders with a heritage and solid track record for success in their businesses. Vinamilk is the leading dairy company in Vietnam and is among the biggest in Asia, having many advantages to compete and win in the market. With Vinamilk bringing its expertise for dairy manufacturing and innovation to the partnership, DMPI, on the other hand, will leverage its extensive distribution presence across all channels in the country. In addition, Del Monte is a brand well-loved and trusted by Filipinos because we always strive to gain a deep understanding of the Filipino consumers’ needs and wants. This ensures that our products not only have a competitive advantage, they will deliver solutions for our consumers’ most important and pressing concerns.”

Check out these NEWtritious Del Monte-Vinamilk products!

Del Monte-Vinamilk IQ Smart™ Flavored Milk drink is fortified with Vitamin A to support eye function, Omega 3 & 6 to aid brain function, and B Vitamins to aid energy production -- nutrients that aim to help children better meet the challenges of new world learning. Not only nutritious, it also comes in delicious Vanilla, Chocolate and Strawberry flavor variants!  

Del Monte-Vinamilk YoGurt Drink is available in two deliciously fruity variants - Mixed Fruits and Strawberry - that can be perfectly paired with snacks or drunk on its own. Because it is fortified with Power10™ Vitamins including Folic Acid, it’s also a delicious way to nourish picky eaters with every sip.  

Del Monte-Vinamilk Tea Bliss Milk Tea is made with creamy milk and real black tea, with a wintermelon flavor and taste that is up to par with your favorite popular milk tea brand. With Tea Bliss, you can sip the stress away any time. Enjoy blissful good vibes at home with Tea Bliss.

Del Monte-Vinamilk Fresh Milk is sourced from cows grown in globally-certified environment-friendly dairy farms. It is made with 100% pure cow’s milk. It has no extenders, and has no antibiotics and no added preservatives. It’s the kind of milk worthy of every mom’s 100% love for their family. 

Del Monte-Vinamilk dairy products are now available nationwide in supermarkets and groceries but you can also check out the Del Monte flagship stores on Shopee and Lazada.

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