Getting Ready For The Stormy Days with Akari Products

Living in one of the flood-prone areas in the Philippines has made me a Girl Scout of sorts. When Ondoy hit our municipality, we didn't have electricity for almost a week. We had to travel to a friend's place in the city just so we can recharge our gadgets. I wasn't ready then, and I didn't have rechargeable fans and emergency lights. And if you're a mom, you'll be able to imagine the sleepless nights I spent as a human electric fan, LOL! Now, I know better so I armed myself with Akari products that I can use when there's a power interruption at home

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Here are just some of my recommendations:

Akari 8” LED Rechargeable Fan 

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  • Power: 4W 2X3.7V 1500mAh lithium-ion
  • Charging Time: 8 Hours
  • FAN Operating Time:  2 Hours (High) / 2.5 Hours (Medium) / 3.5 Hours (Light)
  • LED Operating Time: up to 20 Hours
  • Color Temperature:  6500K, Daylight
  • DC 5V
  • 225*180*358mm

The Akari 8” Rechargeable Fan with LED Night Light only consumes 4W of power and one full 8-hour charge will be able to last 3.5 hours on the lowest fan setting. You won't need to worry in case you run out of juice as long as you have spare 1500mAh Li batteries. It's lightweight and quiet. Plus it's very affordable so you can buy one for each member of the family.

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Akari 5-Gang Extension Cord

  • 3 Gang Universal Socket
  • 2 Gang Multi-Purpose Socket
  • 3 Meter Wire
  • 10A, 2000 Watts Maximum Load Capacity
  • With Surge Protection and Light Indicator
  • 250Vac 50/60Hz
Not all extension cords are created equal. If you want your appliances to last long, you should think of plugging them into high-quality extension cords with surge protection. The best and the most affordable that I found so far is the Akari 5-gang extension cord. The 3-meter cord length and the number of gangs are just what I needed. But really, the most important feature for me here is Surge Protection so my appliances are protected from quick surges of electricity during power interruptions. 

Akari 4” Rechargeable Mini LED Desk Lamp Fan

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  • 3.7V 2200mAh Lithium-ion
  • Fan OT: 2.5hrs(H); 4hrs(M); 8hrs(L),
  • 6500K Daylight
  • LED OT: upto 20hrs
  • Input Voltage 5v DC
  • Colors: White, Pink, Green
Even in dark powerless nights, you'll be sure that your kid will still be able to study comfortable with the Akari 1-in-1 LED Desk Lamp and Fan combo. It's amazing how this small wonder performs and one full charge to have the fan running on low speed for 8 hours. 

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