So You're Thinking About Being an Influencer

Nowadays, people turn to social media platforms to check out the best products, places, and food to try. Thus, we see a rise in the number of influencers in every platform. They have become the authorities and people to trust, just how bloggers are. I guess more people believe influencers rather than celebrity product endorsers because they really share what they personally, don't you agree?

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So, you're thinking about being an influencer? I've been blogging more than 15 years now and have gained a significant following on my blogs and social networks. Plus, my job is on content and social media marketing, so I think I can share a few pointers with you. Here you go...

Share what you're passionate about

When I started this blog, I was a young mom who wanted to connect with other moms. I wanted to share about my parenting journey, my trusted products, food I prepared, and even how I taught and assisted my child in schooling. The Internet was new then and I was amazed of how the technology enabled me to reach out to other moms not only from other cities but from other parts of the world, as well.

Grow your tribe

Getting a significant number of followers is not your primary focus if you really want to have a loyal community. You'll have to take time to get to know your audience and speak to them. What are their interests? What do they want to see and read? Yes, you can get thousands of followers by promoting your page with an ad but that is not really as effective if you're gunning for active and engaged followers. Remember also that brands are taking note of your audience, too.

Adapt and continue to learn

As technology is changing, your followers' behavior will change, too. Remember, I started with only this blog, then began creating content on other social media platforms later on.  Why? Because most of my followers also moved on to spending more time on social media. When I noticed that they liked videos more, I posted more videos. Now, I even do Tiktok, LOL! Take time to study your analytics and see what will work for you. 

There's nothing wrong with getting some help

If you have time to spend on growing your followers, lucky you! But not everyone is as lucky. Since consistency matters in this game, you may get a bit pressured in creating content regularly. I have a job, and though I have flexible work hours, I get tired and just want to sleep and Netflix on weekends. I use scheduling tools to help me with postings. Some influencers, like M. Serena Essuman, hire freelancers to help them with their blog tweaks and photographs. There's totally nothing wrong with that.

The perks are just bonuses

Being an influencer can be a rewarding career, but honestly, I prefer to keep it as one of my passions. Yes, it's so awesome to receive free products from brands and it can be mind blowing once you get paid collaborations.  Trust me, as I've had my heyday, too. But at the end of the day, I still go back to the very reason why I started blogging and being on social media. I remind myself that an influencer touches lives and it's more rewarding when people say they follow you because they genuinely trust you.

An influencer has the power to influence consumers. But as Spiderman says, with any great  power comes great responsibility. So if ever you do pursue your dream to become an influencer, I hope you become one that spreads love and positivity online. Have fun!

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