Sharp's Plasmacluster Ion and unique Airflow Technology guarantees cleaner indoor air

Living in the city has its perks and pitfalls, and definitely, one of them is having unsatisfactory indoor air quality. This is the reason why it's so common to see people living in the city with allergy and asthma. Plus there's still the threat of getting the coronavirus from the air. 

I have already featured Sharp's Plasmacluster ION (PCI) technology in my past posts and I was really blow away by how innovative it was. PCI technology can not only deactivate up to 99.9% of airborne viruses and bacteria but also emits positive and negative ions that are similar to those in nature. Sharp's PCI appliances also eliminates molds, bad odor, and allergens in the air. PCI appliances really are a must when you are living in the city or in condominiums and other crowded areas.

Simulation Studies

I was again invited by Sharp Philippines to join their virtual event and, this time, we got to know how Sharp's Plasmacluster ION technology works. Sharp Corporation and Associate Professor Masashi Yamakawa conducted a study to prove how Plasmacluster Ions and Airflow technology effectively collect airborne particles. Masashi Yamakawa from the Kyoto Institute of Technology is an expert in the analysis of airborne virus droplets. With his assistance, they confirmed that an air purifier with Plasmacluster ions works much better than the conventional ones.

* For airborne virus droplets, suspended particles are shown in red and adhering particles are shown in blue.

In this simulation, they utilized Sharp’s proprietary airflow air conditioner and an air purifier with our proprietary 20° Angled Rear-Directed Airflow. After that, they examined the effects of airflow from air conditioners and air purifiers on virus droplets in living spaces. 

They also calculated the speed and direction of the airflow of air conditioners and air purifiers and analyzed its movement in a living space under simulated usage. Yamakawa analyzed the movement (collection to equipment, adhesion to the surroundings) when virus droplets were released. Here’s a model of Sharp’s simulation together with Professor Yamakawa’s analysis.

In this simulation, there’s a comparison between a general air purifier that sends air directly above the product with an air purifier with our proprietary 20° Angled Rear-Directed Airflow. Apart from that, they did an analysis and comparison using an air conditioner equipped with a general filter with high air pass-through efficiency.

The general air purifier releases a direct upward flow that causes the virus droplets to diffuse in several directions. How about Sharp’s air purifier? It causes the air to circulate so virus particles are effectively captured without being dispersed in space.

The same thing happens with Sharp proprietary airflow air conditioner versus a traditional one. For the regular air conditioner, the airborne virus droplets are carried on air currents and drawn into the air conditioner so they are not captured. These droplets are diffused again into the room on the air flowing out from the air conditioner. 

With a Sharp air conditioner, the air is blown upward. When an air purifier is placed directly underneath, an airflow is created that quickly circulates around the room. This process enables airborne virus droplets to be captured effectively.

Latest Sharp PCI Products

The goal of providing comfortable air environments with Plasmacluster ION and airflow technologies has been the focus of Sharp for almost two decades. I was actually so excited to know that the company is constantly researching and finding ways to make PCI technology more relevant in our homes. To date, Sharp not only has Plasmacluster ION air purifiers but also airconditioners, refrigerators, and fans. I really hope they launch the PCI washing machine here in the Philippines, too!

Check out these new PCI appliances from Sharp:

Sharp FP-J50P-H Air Purifier – If you’re living in a small condo or house, this is an excellent companion for fresher air. It can cover a 40sqm of room with its high-density PCI generator and fan. No need to worry about high electricity bills because this one comes with an inverter operation. In addition to that, you can control this with your smartphone because of its Smart Operation function through AIoT. 

Most importantly, it features Plasmacluster ions which deactivate airborne allergens, viruses, and pollutants by using positive and negative ions.

Sharp Plasmacluster Ion Electric Fans – As we’re living in a tropical country, electric fans are necessary for every household. Sharp is leveling up your typical electric fan by equipping it with Plasmacluster ion technology to fight off germs, molds, allergens, and viruses. Moreover, this one features an Anti-Overheat Motor for long hours of usage and consumer’s safety. It has a 160 degrees rotation action and three-speed setting. Lastly, Sharp Plasma cluster Ion Electric Fan comes in three different models so you can choose according to your need: Stand Fan, Desk Fan, and a Wall Fan.

For  more information about Sharp's Plasmacluster ION appliances, visit 

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