4 Things To Do With Your Belongings If You Have To Move Out Quickly

Selling up and moving to a new house is stressful because there are so many details to deal with. One that will hit you out of nowhere is your belongings. Suddenly, your old property has sold, but your new home isn’t ready yet, and you have nowhere to go.

Among the thoughts running through your mind, finding a place to store your furniture is at the top of the list. After all, if it was only you, you could rent a hotel room pretty easily. Sadly, sofa storage isn’t included with the cost of a room! 

So, what are your options?

Hire A Unit

The easiest option is to hire a storage unit. That way, you can fit all your valuables into a single space and leave them until you are ready to move into your property. The fact that they are relatively cheap makes them popular. Also, they are usually on a secure compound with patrol guards, which means there’s no reason to fret about break-ins or theft. A smart strategy is to shop around for the best deals. There are so many specialists that the market is flooded with competitors that are willing to shave off a few dollars to make a quick buck.

Ask Family & Friends

Hopefully, your family and friends will be willing to share the load. If they are, you can eliminate the fees associated with storage units and save the money to spend on the house move. It might not be a lot, but every penny counts when you’re investing in real estate. Anyone worried about getting it from their folks’ place to the final destination shouldn’t stress out since cross country moving solutions are on hand to pick up the slack. If you’re not moving right away, they can arrange a storage option for you.

Speak To Your Moving Company

Around 90% of movers hire a moving company. Not only does it save hassle, but it cuts costs too. Otherwise, you’ll need to fork out for a van and cover the price of gas. Another thing movers do is store belongings for set periods, depending on when you’re moving and what space they have left. It might only be a couple of days or a week, yet it could be all you require to take a load off your mind. Of course, they won’t do it unless you pick up the phone.

Talk To The New Owners

You don’t know them very well, which is why asking for a favor seems cheeky. Still, it’s better than leaving your furniture on the front lawn in the wind and rain! The reality is, they might not be ready to move in, either. So, they won’t if you leave a few things in the house while you are getting on your feet. They understand the hassle involved in the process. Some people even write it into the contract. A gentleman’s agreement should suffice, especially if you only need the space for a few days.

Which option will you choose if your timings are off?

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